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Couch to 5K Superstar: Your Comprehensive Training Journey

Couch to 5k runner

Couch to 5K Introduction Greetings to all fellow couch potatoes who are aspiring to become 5K superstars! I was there too once. Are you growing weary of your Netflix marathons being your only source of physical activity? It’s high time to dust off those running shoes and embark on a transformative voyage that will not […]

Warm up for a run? Mastering the Perfect Warm-Up Session.

Warm up for a run

Warm up for a Run – Running to Success: Mastering the Art of the Perfect Warm-Up Session” Are you ready to hit the ground running, both literally and figuratively? Leading a warm up for a run session for runners is a bit like preparing the perfect cup of coffee—it sets the tone for the entire […]

Breathing Techniques for Running: How it can help your Running.

Breathing hacks for runners

Breathwork For Runners. Breathing Techniques for running is a very much asked question in running circles. The basic and answer in its simplest form is that everyone of us is different. Below I have tried to address some of the more popular techniques, to help with the best way to breathe while running. Running is […]

What is Jeffing – and what are the benefits?

What is Jeffing

What is Jeffing – Boost Your Running Performance. As promised in my previous post on Beginner Running Tips we talked about Jeffing in passing – well let’s take a deeper dive right now. Lace up those running shoes and prepare to embark on a journey that can turbocharge your running experience! Have you heard of […]